The city is adjacent to Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB), one of the nation’s premier launch facilities. VAFB provides Lompoc with just over 6,700 jobs, being one of Lompoc’s largest employers. Situated right in the heart of the Central Coast, on Lompoc’s coastline, is headquarters for the 30th Space Wing, Vandenberg Air Force Base.

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  • Established in 1941 as an Army Training Base, Camp Cooke, it was soon converted to Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1958 as a premier launch facility.

  • VAFB is a major player in Lompoc’s Economy as it is the largest employer for the residents of Lompoc.

  • Contributes approximately $1.7 billion to the regional economy.

  • Vandenberg Air Force Base provides space capabilities, missile warning and launch and space control.

  • VAFB provides the City of Lompoc with many highskilled and highpaying jobs.

  • It also produces quality space operator graduates through its Air Force Space Training undergraduate courses.

  • On January 19, 2016 the 533rd Training Squadron graduated twelve new officers that focused on space operations and technical training for future space missions.

  • In 2014, VAFB employment rates were approximately 6,700 which included 2,700 military, 1,200 Civil Service, 2,800 NonAppropriated Fund/Contractors. VAFB also serves 3,000 military dependents, and 8,000 local area retirees.

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