Building Division - Plan Review

Most building projects submitted to the Building & Fire Safety Division for plan review will require three (3) sets of scaled drawings which contain the following information:

Site Plan:

Fully dimensioned, showing locations of all property lines/easements, utilities, buildings, square footage of lot/buildings, and site address, street access, fire hydrant and FDC locations.

Grading Plan:

Shall include a drainage plan, contours, soils/geology reports, specifications, import/export quantities, grading procedures and practices, and protective devices.

Plan Elevations:

Include roof pitch, coverings, exterior wall treatment, and building height.

Foundation Plan:

Should include dimensions, details, placement of reinforcement, anchors, hold-downs and recommendations within the soils report.

Floor Plan:

Show overall floor plan of the building, include dimensions, details, room uses, details references/keys/index, side yards, parking areas, etc.


Indicate type of use and occupancy of all areas within the building, and number of employees when applicable. Carefully document any hazardous/flammable materials to be stored/used within building.


Show and identify proposed walls, structural members, attachment, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.


Show all locations, fire ratings (if applicable), direction of swing, self closing devices, required exit signs and lighting, size, and safety glazing.


Provide calculations, size of pipes, types and number of fixtures, slopes for drainage, traps, clean-outs, backflow devices, etc.


Provide single line diagram and load calculations, provide lighting and fixture layout, include panel schedules, etc. (If a line extension agreement is required, payment in full must be provided before permit issuance.


Provide mechanical drawings showing location of registers, location of equipments, duct sizes/locations, sizing calculations, etc.

Energy (T-24) Plans:

Provide Energy Calculations with all supporting documentation and compliance forms. Space conditioning, envelope, lighting, mechanical, and the like shall be clearly indicated on forms and integrated on the plans.


All structural members and systems shall be clearly indicated and detailed on the plans. Plans shall incorporate all requirements within structural calculations on the plans. Framing, shear transfer, bolting, beams, headers are just some the items to be located and detailed on the plans.

Fire Prevention:

Fire suppression and fire alarm plans will be required according to the 2013 California Fire Code as amended by the City of Lompoc, NFPA 13, NFPA 72, and local ordinances. Click here for Fire Sprinkler or Fire Alarm Checklists

Additional approvals and plans may be required other than those mentioned above. Please contact the Plan Review Division at (805)875-8220 for any questions or additional requirements. A plan check fee will be required at the time of all plan submittal.

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