Planning Applications, Forms, Submittal Checklists

Application Process

The City of Lompoc provides a concise development review process. The Planning Division coordinates preliminary development review with City Departments. After Land Use entitlements have been obtained, the applicant processes the project through the Building Division for building permits.

The Planning Division processes development projects commensurate with workload, availability of staff, project complexity, accuracy and adequacy of submitted plans, required environmental review, and length of review time needed by City Departments. It is recommended that applicants discuss the type of review required for individual projects with a Planning Division staff member. Some projects can be approved at staff level and some projects require Planning Commission and/or City Council review.

Generally, applicants must submit a completed application form, agree to pay form, deposit, environmental information form, and the appropriate number of plans, as identified on the submittal checklist.

Forms that must be completed when an application package is submitted:

Other items that might be required; Project Description, Legal Description, Title Report, please consult the submittal checklist for the project you are working on. If all items on the checklist are not received at the time of submittal, delays in the processing of the project could result.

Submittal Checklist:

Other Applications and Forms:


The Planning Division performs work on a time and materials basis (with the exception of a few minor permits, which are a fixed fee as identified on the Master Fee Schedule). The applicant submits a deposit with the application; a billing is prepared monthly identifying the work that was performed on the project. At the conclusion of the project a final billing is applied to the deposit.

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