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Mission Statement:

  • To provide quality assistance, professional expertise, and consulting services to employees, managers, supervisors, and job applicants in all facets of human resource administration.

  • The Human Resources Department strives to employ and retain well-qualified, productive, and service-oriented employees through effective recruitment, selection, and employee performance and development programs.

  • Further, we strive to ensure that the City has fair and equitable policies and practices, a diverse workforce, and that our interactions are guided by integrity and discretion.


Program Goals:

  • Advise operating departments on human resource and employee relation issues and implement all personnel transactions.

  • Efficiently provide for the employment of qualified personnel to meet the City's staffing needs, attain a diverse, representative workforce, and advance its customer service philosophy.

  • Implement and administer a system which provides for performance standards, an effective appraisal program, career development planning, and a variety of training opportunities.

  • Provide for maximum attraction, retention, and motivation of personnel.

  • Meet and confer with employee organizations on wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment, and provide a reasonable method of resolving disputes and promoting communications between employee organizations and City representatives.

  • Attain a Human Resource Information System which provides for efficient, expedient, and accurate decision-making and comprehensive human resource communications.

Employee recruitment and selection.
Soliciting, interviewing and hiring candidates for vacant City positions.

Employee classification.
Identifying the duties, qualifications and compensation appropriate for each City position; ensuring that employee classifications strengthen the City's organization.

Employee/employer negotiations.
Periodically meeting and conferring with employee representatives to reach agreement on employee relations issues.

Workforce diversity administration.
Ensuring that employee appointments and promotions conform with illegal harrassment and anti-discrimination policies and regulations.

Employee training.
Developing, scheduling and conducting orgainzation wide training sessions.

Employee benfit administration.
Managing employee benefits such as insurance, retirement and leave.

Workers compensations claims administration.
Reviewing employee injury claims against the City and recommending adjustment or other action.

Health and fitness education.
Provide health and fitness information to employees. Coordinate health & fitness programs as needed.



The following benefits may vary and are subject to collective bargaining agreements:

  • Vacation:
    Vacation is accrued at ten days per year increasing with City service.

  • Holidays:
    Eleven Holidays are observed per year.

  • Sick Leave:
    Sick leave is accrued at the rate of one day per month with unlimited accumulation.

  • Retirement:
    Retirement coverage is available for all employees under the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS). The City does not participate in Social Security.

  • Medicare:
    Employee must pay an amount equal to 1.45% of salary toward Medicare. An equal amount is paid by the employer.

  • Health Insurance:
    Health insurance, including medical, dental, vision, and psychological benefits, is available. The City contributes a substantial amount of the premium for employee and family coverage.

  • Uniforms:
    Uniform allowance or uniforms may be provided by the City.

  • Savings Plans:
    Savings plans are available to employees through a deferred compensation program and a Credit Union.

  • Long-term Disability/Life Insurance:
    Long-term disability and life insurance (beginning at $15,000 to $25,000, upon completion of 5 years of employment) provided at no cost to employee.

  • Bilingual Pay:
    Bilingual Oral Communication Skills Pay is available for some positions.

  • Tuition Reimbursement:
    Reimbursement at 50% of tuition costs is available for job related college courses.

  • Flexible Spending Plan:
    Flexible spending plan is available which allows employees to set aside pre-taxed dollars for reimbursement of out-of-pocket health care expenses and child/elder care costs.


Memoranda of Understanding (MOU):

The Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) are written agreements or contracts between the City of Lompoc and each of the employees' bargaining associations or unions. These MOU include salary increases, benefits, and working conditions, which result from negotiations between the bargaining groups and City Administrative representatives. They are provided here on the website as public information. If you have any question regarding their content, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Department at (805) 875-8207.

Files are in PDF format:


Lompoc Employment Primer:

  1. Getting a Job With The City:

    Where do I find out about City job openings?

    The Information desk at City Hall maintains copies of current job bulletins and application forms. The person working at the desk can also answer general questions; more comprehensive details can be obtained from the Human Resources Department.

    The City will sometimes advertise in newspapers, trade magazines, and other sources. If you live outside of Lompoc, you may call the Human Resources Department at (805) 875-8208 to obtain an application, supplemental questionnaire, and job bulletin for advertised positions or download it HERE.

    If there are no positions available in the area for which you are seeking employment, you may obtain a job interest card, which asks for your name, address, and field of interest. It will be kept on file for six months. If there is a position opening, you will be sent notification of the specific job category and the final filing date.

    How do I apply?

    Applications for employment are accepted only during an announced period of time for specified jobs.

    A separate application form must be filed for each position for which you apply. You may attach a resume to your completed application form; however, a resume cannot be accepted in lieu of an official City application form.

    The application should be filled out completely and should show that the employment standards are met. All statements are subject to investigation and verification. Your application must be received by the Human Resources Department on or before the closing date (hours 9:00am to 5:00pm).

    A mailed application must be postmarked no later than midnight of the final filing date.

    Your completed application will be reviewed to determine whether or not you meet the employment standards for the job for which you applied. If you do not appear to meet the requirements you will be notified by mail. Normally this notice is sent within 10 days after the final filing date.

    What kind of test will I take?

    The City of Lompoc uses any one or a combination of examination methods to rate applicants.

    These may include:

    • Written Test - May be comprised of multiple choice, matching, short-answer questions, or report/correspondence writing samples.

    • Supplemental Application Questionnaires - Require you to detail job-related experience and education in an essay format which is submitted in conjunction with your application. The questionnaire may be used to screen for the most highly qualified individuals who are then tested further.

    • Oral Board Interviews - Involve two or more interviewers who use standardized, semi-structured formats covering important job dimensions to assess you ability to perform the job.

    • Performance Tests - Assess your relative abilities to perform the necessary physical and/or job tasks, e.g., Police and Fire Physical Agility tests, typing tests, etc.

    • Assessment Centers - A set of group and individual exercises in job-related simulations in which a group of candidates participate while being observed by several trained raters (usually administered to candidates testing for Management positions).

    A special note to able-disabled applicants: The Human Resources Director will make reasonable efforts in the examination process to accommodate able-disabled applicants. Please contact the Department at the time of applying so that testing arrangements can be made.

    How long before I hear about test results?

    You will receive a written notice of your test results usually within 10 days of the exam. You then have five days to contact the Human Resources Department about any questions or problems.

    What happens next?

    Names of applicants who are successful in the examination process are placed on an eligibility list. They may or may not be ranked in order of final scores. The list is delivered to the department with the vacancy. The appropriate department or division head may conduct further interviews with any or all of the applicants on the list and may conduct reference checks on "finalist" candidates. If you are invited to a hiring interview but subsequently are not selected for the job, you will be notified of this fact by the hiring department.

    It is your responsibility to notify the Human Resources Department of any change of address.

    Probationary Period:

    The probationary period is the final phase of the examination process. Each appointment to a permanent position is subject to a minimum probationary period of six months and in no event more than a year. This is the time you should decide if this is the right job for you. It is also the time for the department to decide if you are right for the job.

    EEO/AA Commitment:

    The City of Lompoc's employment policies are designed to be fair and impartial. The City will take positive steps in its personnel actions and make reasonable accommodations to ensure that appropriate equal opportunities are available to individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, or handicap.


  2. The Application Process:

    How to fill out the application:

    A completed City of Lompoc Employment Application is a self portrait using words instead of images. Therefore, present yourself in the best, most accurate image possible. Complete the application thoroughly and DO NOT reference your resume at any time.

    The job bulletin describes the duties and qualifications standards of the job for which you are applying. The information you supply on your application will be used to determine if you meet qualification standards and may also be used in comparing your qualifications to other candidates.

    On the application, describe your experience so that we may evaluate the knowledge and abilities that make you the best candidate for the job. The knowledge and abilities we are looking for are listed on the job bulletin. Be specific.

    For instance, if you are applying for a Laboratory Technician job, you may wish to tell us the type of laboratory tests you can competently perform. For an Office Staff Assistant position, you should tell us the kinds of office equipment you know how to operate, the types of computer software you can use, and your proficiency with them. This is your chance to explain what you can offer on this job.

    The following points may help you get proper credit for you experience:

    • It is up to you to tell us the related experience you have had. If you have important experience and abilities and do not tell us about them, you will not be given credit for them.

    • Be specific with details. Where details are not given, it will be assumed that your experience did not include what we are seeking.

    • The amount of space provided on the application is neither the minimum or maximum amount desired. If you need more room, use another sheet of paper; be sure to put your name on it.

    • We will not evaluate your writing ability from your application. But we must be able to read and understand what you write. Be as clear, concise, and legible as possible.

    • We may be unable to evaluate your experience if you use words and phrases known only to your work specialty or location. Such special language includes abbreviations, initials or jargon.

    • You may be judged on the level of your experience. Be sure to include the highest duty or skill regularly required, and indicate supervision exercised and received.

    • Make sure that your statements are clear. For example, if you describe your experience by saying, "Responsible for work flow in an office," we cannot tell the nature of the work. A better description might be, "I supervised and assigned work to four typists. The work was performed as clerical support for three attorneys. I prepared the budget for and managed the typing section." Do not say, "Worked as a civil engineer." Say "Surveyed road locations. Designed wooden bridges and concrete piers for recreational roads."

    Be specific. We want to know about you!


  3. The Oral Interview:

    Information about oral board exams:

    An oral board examination is a test which may stand on its own or be one component in a series of tests that provides a structured opportunity for you to present your knowledge, skills and abilities for a specific job in a fair and impartial environment.

    The purpose of the exam is not the selection of an individual to fill a vacancy; rather it is to measure your qualifications for the position. The ultimate selection is the responsibility of the department head, division head, or supervisor who has a vacancy.

    Suggestions for preparation:

    If you will think of the announcement which advertised this job opening, you will remember that it told you what the duties, knowledge and abilities needed for the job are. This may give you some hints about questions that will be asked in the interview. Another way of getting an idea of what you may be asked is to think of questions you would ask if you were a panel member, and try to answer those questions.

    If it has been a long time since you worked at a job of this kind, you may want to refresh your memory about the duties. You may do this by reading about the job, watching someone on the job, or talking to someone who has a similar job.

    • Get plenty of rest the night before the interview. It will help you be relaxed and alert.

    • Be on time for the interview. If you are late, you may feel uncomfortable because you have kept the panel waiting. You could miss out on the entire interview.

    Try to assess the way other people in the community who are doing this type of work would dress. It is perfectly acceptable to come to an interview for a Park Ranger's job in clean slacks and a shirt. That might not be acceptable, however, if you are applying for an Accounting Supervisor position.

    Structure of the oral board process:

    After arriving at City Hall, you should let the Human Resources Department know that you are present. A panel member will come into the waiting area to take you to the interview room. The panel members realize that appearing for an interview is not something which happens every day and that it is quite natural to feel a bit apprehensive.

    If a member of the oral panel feels that he or she knows you too well to give you an impartial rating, that person will have excused him/herself from the interview before your arrival. However, if you see someone you know on the panel and are not comfortable with his or her fairness or objectivity in rating you, you may bring this to the attention of the oral panel and the Human Resources Analyst. Do this immediately after you enter the oral panel room.

    The oral board will ask the same questions of all candidates being interviewed. You may be asked additional questions which will help the board members clarify, reinforce, or better understand your responses, experience and skills.

    Perhaps it will be helpful to know that the panel members' opinion of your qualifications will not be determined by your answer to any single question. Their ratings will be based on the overall picture of your training, experience, knowledge and abilities for the classification for which the examination is being held.

    Panel members will be making notes during the interview. This will help them remember how you answered each question.

    At the end of the interview, you will be given the opportunity to summarize, add, or expound on responses. When you have finished, you will be thanked, and this is your signal that the interview is over.

    You might want to thank the panel members of their time as you leave. If you feel you did not do well, or are very nervous and glad it is over, it is better to wait until you have left the interview room to show how you feel.

    Additional Suggestions:

    • Relax and look comfortable in your chair without slouching. The panel watches you while they listen.

    • Listen carefully when you are asked a question. If you don't understand, feel free to ask for an explanation. Don't give an answer just because you think the panel wants to hear it. Express yourself honestly. It is not a good idea to argue with the panel members over anything, but at the same time, don't switch sides merely to agree with a panel member.

    • If you feel you were discriminated against in the interview or asked questions which were not appropriate to the job, please ask to speak to the Human Resources Analyst as soon as possible. We want to make certain that our tests are job related and that any misunderstandings or errors are quickly corrected. After you leave the interview room, the panel members will review and evaluate your qualifications.

    Preparation can make all the difference!

    In order to give uniform consideration to all competitors, panel members will use a rating sheet which lists appropriate rating factors, such as job-relevant knowledge, skills and abilities.

    Your performance in the interview will be given an overall rating. If this score is 70% or higher (and the oral examination is not being used in conjunction with another form of testing, such as a written examination), you will be placed on an eligibility list. This list may or may not be ranked depending on the type of position. A further interview may be conducted by the person in charge of the position.

    If you should receive a rating of less than 70%, remember that there are usually more competitors than there are vacant positions and that the purpose of the interview is to help select the best qualified of the persons competing. A disqualification in one exam does not lessen your chances in the future. In fact, the experience you have gained in the examination may be very useful in long-range planning for your career.

    When the results will be issued:

    Results of you examination will usually be mailed to you within 10 days of your interview.


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