Frequently Asked Questions

What is LompocNet?

  • LompocNet is a municipal WiFi network that provides broadband level, internet service to citizens, businesses and city agencies virtually everywhere within the city limits.

What is the difference between the plans that you offer?

  • LompocNet offers three “Tiered Plans” and two “Basic Plans”. Click Here for more information.

How do I get internet access through LompocNet?

  • Your wireless device (e.g. laptop, tablet, or phone) must see ‘’ on the list of available wireless networks. After selecting ‘’, open an internet browser (if it hasn’t already opened for you). If this is the first time you’ve connected to LompocNet or your plan has expired, you will be redirected to the LompocNet login page. You can select a plan suitable to your needs and provide the required information. When the process is complete, you will be granted access to surf the web.

How do I sign up?

  • Visit us at City Hall to pick up a Wireless Utility Application. You will need your Driver’s License, and a deposit of $50 ($75 for wireless ONLY customers). After completing the application, submit it and the deposit to the Utility Connections Counter. Once the Billing Department has assigned you a WiFi account, return to the Wireless Technician to get a detailed explanation of your equipment and installation instructions.

Will I be able to watch streaming video (Netflix or YouTube)?

  • The Premier and Preferred Plans are able to accommodate such speeds. Speak with a Wireless Technician to verify that your residence is compatible with those services or visit Service Plans for more information.

How does installation work?

  • The customer is responsible for equipment installation. Phone and Onsite Technical Support is available.

How much equipment do you provide?

  • We provide the WiFi device (and power adapter) needed to access the network.

How fast is it?

  • Due to multiple factors (including weather and other interference), we are unable to give a specific number. We offer an expected range of speed depending on the service you choose.

Can I improve my service?

  • In most cases, it is possible to improve service. We have internal and external devices available at our office that can improve your service. The family plan that we offer includes an internal/external device. You may also purchase your own device. We can assist you with the configuration but not installation.

Tech support: Free Phone and onsite tech support are available during regular business hours. If you are unable to reach us during those hours, please send us an email and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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