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Want to become a better director? Interested in learning key editing tools? How about picking up some sound advice about cameras and other equipment? You've come to the right place.

TAP TV staff offers training workshops on a first-come, first-served basis. Simply ask our staff when the next training workshop is being held. We're trying to make these easy to attend, by varying the times and days of the week to fit your schedule.

TAP TV plans to teach four classes, each ranging from two hours to five hours. Classes will consist of: (1) TV production class, 3 hours; (2) Editing class, 2 to 3 hours then one-on-one included in price, 2 more hours; (3) Advanced editing, 3 hours; and (4) Directing, 2 hours. Each class will have fees, based on staff time to develop and teach, plus materials. The fees for each class are:

TV Production Class(3 hours) $50
Editing Class(4 hours) $60
Advanced Editing(3 hours) $50
Directing(2 hours) $30

Orientation session attendance is a prerequisite to training workshops. However, at the discretion of the TAP TV staff, a user who can demonstrate proficiency in operating video equipment may be considered for a waiver.

Persons enrolling in training workshops will be required to submit a security deposit with TAP TV. The full amount will be refunded when the user completes a training workshop, unless the user has abused or stolen equipment.

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