Wastewater Division


Provide professional, uninterrupted service to every user with safe, efficient, affordable, and environmentally-responsible collection and treatment of wastewater.

  • We will keep the collections and wastewater treatment plant facilities in good operating order at all times.
  • All member agencies, the community, and other departments can expect cordial and respectful cooperation.
  • We will respond to complaints and concerns as soon as possible.
  • We will maintain full regulatory compliance in our operations with no controllable violations.
  • We will educate the public on applicable regulations and policies so as to strive for full compliance in the community with respect to wastewater issues.
  • Our laboratory will maintain full compliance with accreditation standards and proficiency testing.
  • Our staff will be professionally trained to high standards of competency and integrity.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

The Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in the mid-1970ís with significant upgrades completed in 2009. Upgraded processes added include:

  • Headworks facilities downstream of the existing screens including influent pumping, flow metering, a grit removal tank, and peak wet weather flow equalization;
  • Secondary treatment facilities including an oxidation ditch process, secondary clarifiers, and return/waste activated sludge pumping;
  • Facilities consisting of secondary effluent flow equalization utilizing the existing aeration tanks;
  • Tertiary cloth-media filters and waste backwash water handling;
  • Germicidal ultra-violet disinfection facility with effluent pumping and disposal replacing existing chemical treatment facilities;
  • Solids handling facilities including dissolved air flotation for thickening biological solids, and upgraded the sludge lagoons;
  • Electrical power distribution, instrumentation and control facilities; and
  • Miscellaneous support facilities and miscellaneous improvements to existing facilities.

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