Opportunity Zones

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Opportunity Zones: Giving the opportunity to spur economic development and job creation

Quick facts

  • OZ investments cannot override existing zoning
  • There are 879 designated census tracts as Qualified Opportunity Zones under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1400Z-1(b)(1)(B)
  • Established by Congress by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
  • Opportunity Zones are a development and investment tool – not a program
  • There are three census tracts designated as opportunity zones in Lompoc 


What are Opportunity Zones?

Opportunity Zones are designated low-income census tracts chosen by the Governor that allows investments made by individuals in these zones to defer or eliminate federal taxes on capital gains. The census tracts chosen focus on poverty, areas with business activity, and geographic diversity. Designated opportunity zones will remain in effect until December 31, 2028.

How do OZ’s work?

Individuals can invest in development in one or more of the designated 879 zones to receive federal tax incentives. The U.S. Treasury Department is currently in the process of writing the rules that will define how Qualified Opportunity Zones will operate and how capital gain tax treatment will apply to investment.

How many OZ does Lompoc have? Where are they located? 

There are three opportunity zones located in Lompoc. Census Tracts 002705, 002706, and 002702. The California State Department of Finance has an interactive mapping tool for designated census tracts in California. Click HERE to see if you are located in a designated census tract. 


What does it mean to invest in an OZ?

When you invest in an opportunity zone, the tax- benefit lasts for ten years. The U.S. Treasury has proposed a multi- year program extension, which would mean that investments made as late as June 2027 will qualify for the ten- year tax benefit. When a capital investment is made inside of an opportunity zone, investors receive a tax incentive to reinvest their capital gains into opportunity funds dedicated to investing in opportunity zones.

Are there a list of qualified opportunity zones available?

Yes. The list of qualified opportunity zones can be located at Opportunity Zones Resources and in the Federal Register at IRB Notice 2018-48.

For more information on Opportunity Zones and the latest information, please visit www.IRS.gov or www.dof.ca.gov