Invoice Requirements

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How to get Paid Promptly

Upon completion of the delivery of the services or merchandise described in the purchase order email your invoice (in Word or PDF format) to or submit your original invoice in duplicate to:

City of Lompoc
Finance Department
100 Civic Center Plaza
Lompoc, CA 93436

All invoices are normally paid within 30 days of receipt. Terms of the invoice, Prompt Payment and Discount terms are effective beginning the date the City has BOTH received the correct invoice and all goods, materials and services have been rendered.

Invoices are required to have the following information printed on them:

  • Valid City Purchase Order Number
  • City Department or Employee Name
  • Delivery Address
  • Your unique invoice number and invoice date, Remit-To Address
  • Shipping Date & Carrier Method
  • FOB Point, Terms: Destination Net 30
  • Description of all line items including Quantity, unit and extension Prices
  • Shipping Charges, Handling Charges, or freight Charges stated separately
  • Each item indicated as Taxable (T) or Non-Taxable (N)

The City of Lompoc will only pay from original mailed or e-mailed invoices. The City will not pay from faxed invoices or copied invoices. Hand-written invoices will require manual processing and may result in delay of payment.

Invoices may only be sent to the City upon shipment of the goods or materials, or completion of services rendered. Packing slips must accompany each shipment of goods or materials, have a valid PO number and must exactly match the PO.

The invoice must match the original Purchase Order initiated by the City and approved by your organization. The invoice may not differ from the original Purchase Order, unless advanced written approval was received by the city’s Purchasing Department and a Change Notice was initiated by the city’s Purchasing Department in explanation of the discrepancies.

Electric Transformers must undergo an acceptance procedure involving receipt of certified test reports from the factory and approval from the Electric Division that units have passed tests and are in compliance with City specifications have been accepted into City stock. Prompt payment terms begin only after that acceptance.

Incomplete Orders - Generally the departments will only authorize payments on a complete order. You must notify the ordering department if a significant delay (2 weeks or more) is expected between multiple deliveries on a single Purchase Order. The department must submit a special ‘Partial Pay Request' in order for Finance to pay on invoices made for Purchase Orders that are not shipped complete.