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Utilities and Services in the Lompoc Community

The City of Lompoc owns its electrical utility. The City's normal commercial and industrial electrical rates are already lower than those of PG&E and SCE, which means that Lompoc has a comparative advantage over other cities in the County and State, including Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. The City of Lompoc has Electrical Incentive Rates available for businesses that create jobs and significant new electrical load. This program can help a power-conscious business save significant amounts of money.

The City's incentive programs will even further lower the cost of operation. For additional information please call 875-8246.

Note to Electric Customers: The City of Lompoc has fulfilled its California mandated Solar Net Energy Metering obligations. However, the City still offers Schedule G-1 Customer Owned Generation - Distribution Rate to customers who install Solar PV systems. For more information, call 805-875-8252.

Electric News

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