Becoming a Certified Water Plant Operator

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In 1971, laws and regulations governing the certification of the potable, water treatment facility operation were enacted. These regulations established at what level water treatment facilities should be manned; established minimum qualifications for testing at each of the five grade levels, and established criteria for the renewal and revocation of certificates. These regulations govern a program consisting of ~13,000 certified water treatment operators.

Treatment and Distribution

In 1998, the US EPA released Guidelines for the Certification and Recertification of Operators of Community and Nontransient Noncommunity Public Water Systems. Based on these guidelines, state regulations governing the certification of potable water treatment operators were revised to include distribution operators. These regulations became effective on January 2001. The new distribution grades are designated D1 through D5.

If anyone is seriously considering employment with the City of Lompoc within the Water Division, they should consider becoming certified in either Water Treatment or Water Distribution capacities. The California Department of Health Services website provides all information for operator certification, including:

  • Minimum qualifications for becoming a certified operator.
  • Application and schedules for each exam.
  • Education, training, and guidance information.
  • Point of contacts within the Department of Health Services.
  • And much more.

California Department of Public Health